Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Order of Beetroot,Onions and Turnips

I am please to announce the Order of Beetroot,Onions and Turnips or O.B.O.T for short.
I am the chosen chief as voted by a select group of root vegetables.
Turnips and Turnipry is a ancient religion that died out 1500, nothing is know about the religion but I am pleased to reinvent it again.
If you want to be special please become a Turnip and you too can be different.
If anyone asks you what is a Turnip just become defensive and say you have the right to call yourself a Turnip and avoid the question.
Currently we do not have a course, but there many books on root vegetables, just look up gardening or cookery in your local bookshop.
Please join the order by following my blog.

Thank you

Chosen chief

Heretic Pagan

Monday, 20 October 2008

Pagan atheists

What the f*** is that about? Just treating it as a club